Companion GuideClassical colonnade with arcades and Corinthian columns

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” As you read through the book the following visual references may add to your experience.


Chapter 1: The Eternal Thread of Story
Moirai (Fates)

Chapter 2: Remembering Back
Heracles binds Cretan Bull

Chapter 3: The Labyrinth  and the Maze
Labyrinth     Maze     Bull leaping     Spiral Galaxy     Hurricane     Ear

Chapter 4: Artful Expression
Orpheus & Lyre    Theater Masks     Comedy/Tragedy

Chapter 5: What You Myth Is What You Get
Hermes’s Caduceus &  Rod of Asclepius      Hippocratic Oath

Chapter 6: As Above, So Below
Cassiopeia       Cassiopeia 2

Chapter 7: Marking Time
Isner vs Mahut Wimbledon 2010

Chapter 10: Remembering Forward
Vitruvian Man      Saturn     Tree Rings


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