Tale of the Cornucopia

Horn of Abundance

The Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty is a symbol of abundance and fruitful bounty prominently displayed during fall harvest festivals. But long before the cornucopia became part of the story of the pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving there was the Greek mythical tale of the Horn of Amaltheia, the divinely blessed vessel of prosperity and good fortune.

It was a time when Titans ruled…before the uprising of the Olympian gods and the great battle for power.

The Titan ruler Kronos, fearing a prophecy that he would be ousted by one of his own offspring, swallowed down each of his children after its birth…all save one. When Zeus was born his mother sought to protect him and presented Kronos instead with a rock wrapped in swaddling; which he promptly swallowed down, satisfied that he had once again outwitted the prophecy of his downfall.

The baby Zeus was whisked far away to a cave on Mount Ida in Crete where he was reared by nymphs and nourished with the milk of the nanny goat Amaltheia. Baby Zeus grew strong and when he matured he knew it was time to return to his home on Mount Olympus. But before doing so he took a horn from the nanny goat Amaltheia and empowered it with the magic to replenish itself with an endless supply of bountiful goods. In gratitude for the goat’s service Zeus cast Amaltheia and her two kids among the stars in a place of eternal honor, to sit at the shoulder and hand of the constellation Auriga…the Charioteer.

Now you know the ancient tale of the cornucopia. May you be blessed with an endless abundance of good fortune.

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