Classical colonnade with arcades and Corinthian columnsWisdom of the Toga, a philosophy/social science non-fiction work, delves into the realm of mythology & folklore, storytelling, science, ancient culture and pop culture to uncover a common thread woven through time…mythic patterns that shape our lives. Laying out a pathway from humankind’s struggle for survival to our fascination with space exploration, the reader is guided on a captivating journey which weaves story into reality…and reality into endless possibilities.

To the tireless seekers and fearless visionaries whose hearts are filled with a sense of adventure and a curiosity that knows no bounds…to those of you who think with an imaginative mind, who reach beyond the ordinary to grasp the truly extraordinary…herein lies a peek into a world of wonder, and a new playground of discovery.

Now available at Amazon in paperback and ebook form.

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