About the Author


Monica Davis

Monica Davis is an innovative writer, editor, creative consultant, and business leader. She began her career in the world of academia and has been credited on numerous academic publications including: Co-Editor of “Communication Performance Evaluation With Deaf Students: A Review”, and Senior Production Editor for “Advances in Prosthetic Devices for the Deaf: A Technical Workshop” (both projects produced in the course of an agreement with the Department of Education and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf). She also served as Technical Writer in the creation of Business Administration/Applied Cost Accounting college level course material.

A cross country move prompted her to switch gears and enter the corporate sector, where she spent many years as a business executive; from Director of Product Education Services for a small technology firm, in which she organized and lead a team to create and market a profitable multi-level customer education program, to Director of Financial Management at a Fortune 100 company, where she developed and directed initiatives to guide business units to align with corporate goals; ensuring fiduciary compliance, data integrity, and profitable growth. For the business world, she has written material ranging from marketing copy and training programs to computer manuals and high level strategic corporate plans. After leaving the corporate world she served in a variety of roles on city boards and non-profit organization committees, and continues to be active in her community.

Monica’s adventurous spirit led her to take on an extensive research project; delving into the area of ancient cultures and fantastic tales. Always up for a good challenge, she spent years developing, then teaching, a creative course called “Wisdom in Story”, which leads participants through a journey to open one’s imagination to the connection between the metaphor in stories and cultural trends. The concept of “what you myth is what you get” is emphasized as a key to understanding mindful action. Material from that course ultimately became the basis for her book titled, Wisdom of the Toga: Mythic Patterns That Shape Our Lives; a philosophical non-fiction work.

Story is an effective teaching tool that works well as a methodology across all disciplines and audiences to facilitate objective review, broaden assessment, and bolster problem solving. Monica has developed instructional programs for businesses, schools, and public administration. Blending facets of her background in academia and the corporate world, she is able to convey a unique perspective to inspire resourceful solutions through similarities rather than differences. By connecting interrelated fragments of a common theme, ancient teachings and colorful tales can provide a platform from which to address modern-day issues in a nonthreatening way. With the spirit of a storyteller Monica spurs one’s imagination to explore beyond the ordinary. Her innovative interpretations unmask possibilities that open the door to a world of wonderment, where anything is possible.

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