The Story You Tell Can Change The World…

Everyone is a storyteller. Stories are told not only in books, movies, songs, and art forms, but through our actions in everyday life…about everything in the universe. Story is a powerful tool; not to be taken lightly. Much of what we believe has been handed down to us through stories. For story is the age-old method of teaching and recording history, which holds the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Story is who, and why we are. Without it, we do not exist. Those who spin a yarn, then cast its spell bear great responsibility. The world as we know it has been formed and molded by a blending of all stories. Be thoughtful in your choices and use your gift wisely, or humankind may suffer the consequences.


Symbol of the Toga

“Lords of the world, and the nation of the toga” was how Virgil, acclaimed first century BCE poet, described the Romans. At the peak of its glory the borders of the Roman Empire stretched from the British Isles into the upper regions of Africa, through Europe, and across the Middle East; with trade routes spreading into India and China. Assimilated cultures were blended and infused with the Romans’ native character; integrating hundreds of languages, religions, and beliefs under one unified power—establishing an empire that would define our lives as it swept across time.

Toga was a symbol of Roman citizenship, an outer garment worn for public display, donned not for comfort but for status; each style told its tale. Threads spun from fleece, skillfully woven into cloth, provided warmth and protection from the elements. Each finished cloth was sectioned, then folded over and expressly draped about the body in a deliberate manner. The story of the man wrapped beneath its folds whispered as the gathers of the flowing fabric brushed against history. In ancient Rome, clothes “made the man”. The countless who displayed this outer garment chronicled the tale of their lives through the recognizable style of its drapery. They are the ones who set in motion…the wisdom of the toga.

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